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Zhang Zong 18002192675

Manager Zhang 18702206591


Marketing / sales director

Job Responsibilities:

1, to assist the general manager to develop company marketing strategy, develop a complete sales strategy and effective implementation;
2, according to the company's overall market planning, the market research, tracking, the feasibility of the project to carry out the feasibility analysis;
3, the development of the company's sales strategy and sales targets, implementation and completion of the company's annual sales plan;
4, responsible for the management of sales staff, including resource allocation, reasonable decomposition of the task indicators, performance appraisal;
5, to lead the sales team, on time to complete sales performance indicators;
6, responsible for business negotiations and consultations, and customers to establish relations of cooperation, safeguard the interests of the company to achieve the company's goals;
7, continue to expand customer resources, to explore customer needs, the establishment of customer database, expand market share;
8, on time to report to the general manager of the marketing situation and indicators to complete the situation;
9, to complete the other leaders assigned to other tasks.
10, the basic salary of 4,000 yuan plus performance

job requirements:
1, Bachelor degree or above, marketing, economics and other related professional;
2, 5 years sales experience;
3, with excellent team management capabilities, can lead the sales team to complete the sales task;
4, with a keen insight into the market and accurate customer analysis capabilities, can effectively develop effective customer resources;
5, with good communication skills and rich business negotiation skills;
6, industry background is preferred, able to adapt to short-term travel work.

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