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Tianjin Institute of Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.
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Tianjin Risheng Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company integrating OLED organic light-emitting material intermediates, liquid crystal materials and pharmaceutical intermediates. The research and development and production base of the company are located in the state-level Xi'an Economic and Technological Development Zone.
     Companies adhere to the "pragmatic, scientific rigorous, quality first" production technology approach, and "customer first, service first" as a business production and management philosophy. Strict implementation of IS09001: 2008 quality system, HSE system requirements, to achieve safe and environmentally friendly clean production of zero accidents, zero leakage, zero emissions target.
     Company and Nankai University, Tianjin University of Science and Technology, and other famous institutions to establish a good relationship of cooperation, relying on strong technical force running in the forefront of the industry, the existing staff of 18, of which six graduate students, undergraduate education 7, 5 graduates, we in the customer to solve product problems for the purpose of the introduction of high-tech, has gradually entered a healthy and rapid development stage.
     With the development trend of the world's OLED industry, research and technology of high-tech products by chemical companies more and more attention by chemical companies. Companies continue to climb OLED, LCD materials, pharmaceutical intermediates technology peak, 竭力 R & D product upgrades, energy conservation and environmental protection made outstanding contributions, and strive to build a world-leading level of OLED, liquid crystal materials, pharmaceutical intermediates, research and development and production First - class enterprise.

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