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Tianjin Yansitong Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company integrating R&D, production and sales of OLED organic light-emitting materials intermediates, liquid crystal materials and pharmaceutical intermediates, and domestic and foreign trade. Mastering the production, purification and device characterization of core OLED materials. Process, focusing on OLED panel makers, organic semiconductor research institutes provide organic luminescent materials, organic luminescent intermediates, and solutions for the use of organic materials.
     Companies adhere to the "practical and pragmatic, scientific and rigorous, quality first" production technology policy, and "customer first, service first" as the company's production and management philosophy. Strictly implement the requirements of IS09001:2008 quality system and HSE system, and achieve the goal of zero accident, zero leakage and zero emission in safe and environmentally friendly clean production.
     The company has established good cooperative relations with famous universities such as Nankai University and Tianjin University of Science and Technology. It relies on strong technical force to run at the forefront of the industry. It has 18 employees, including 6 graduate students, 7 undergraduates, and colleges. With 5 graduates, we are constantly introducing high-tech with the aim of solving product problems for our customers, and we have gradually entered a healthy and rapid development stage.
     With the development trend of the world OLED industry, the high-tech products of the research and development of chemical industry are increasingly concerned by chemical companies in various countries. The company continues to climb the peak of OLED, liquid crystal materials and pharmaceutical intermediates, and strives to make outstanding contributions to research and development of product upgrades, energy conservation and environmental protection, and strive to create world-leading OLED, liquid crystal materials, pharmaceutical intermediates, research and development and production. First-class enterprise

    Second, our company also sells defoamers, special lubricants, greases, industrial lubricants, automotive lubricants, fuel oil, Wujinjiaodian, electromechanical equipment and other product types have reached more than 1,000 varieties, the products are mainly used in , steel, ship, power, aviation, machinery, miners, chemicals, engineering machinery and automotive lubricants and OEM processing and other industries, products have been widely used, and have been recognized and praised by major companies. The company's development philosophy is to make the best brand, and the customer's needs are our mission. Our philosophy is to think about the problem from the customer's point of view, to make the best brand to return customers, to reassure customers, and to ensure the quality of each of our products. The customer is the company's God, and integrity is the foundation of the company.

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